Dear Colleagues!

Welcome to our website.
The history of our business is more than 25 years. We started as a small multi-specialty company focusing in the Moscow pharma market.
Today, PharmLine offers a wide range of hospital products, medical devices and vaccines from the leading Global and Local companies. We supply them to the Federal and Regional health authorities, institutional clients, charitable foundations, and also to the many hospitals and pharmacies in the Russian regions.

We are focusing on:
    • Cancer therapy
    • Immunobiological products, including vaccines
    • Antibiotics and antifungal products
    • Medical devices for Oncology and Hematology
    • Hospital medical devices and diagnostic solutions
    • Medical devices for vascular access and infusion therapy
    • Medical devices for urology
    • Inhalation and intravenous anesthesia
    • Antiretroviral products
    • Dialysis solutions
    • Other hospital products 
Besides our distributions business, PharmLine offers a wide services range in the field of drugs & medical devices circulation:
    • Registration
    • Market access
    • Promotion-sales-marketing
    • Tender operations
    • Flexible logistics
    • After-sales service
We are focusing to offer our clients the most efficient cooperation terms.
Our advantages:
    • Wide range of geography
    • Punctuality of deliveries
    • Urgent orders execution
    • Various payment terms
    • The widest range of drugs & medical devices
    • High professional level of the PharmLine team
We build our business processes focusing on the customers, and our huge experience with flexibility allow us to respond adequately to any partner requests.
We always pay the necessary attention to the specifics of a particular situation and will do everything possible to achieve goals.

When a well-coordinated manufacturer & distributor joint work is critical for the product market potential realization, PharmLine is a strong partner in promotion & sales in the hospital market. 

In addition to effective marketing and logistics management, we provide after-sales support, including usage monitoring and information assistant for the specialists.

We are well aware of the responsibility to do the healthcare business. Our main values are the effective medical care availability and improving the quality of life for our patients. In accordance with them, we determine the directions of our activities and proud of results achieved.